Our Innovation

It’s all a matter of taste. And nobody knows more about tickling people’s taste buds than our New Product Development guys. A team of experienced food technologists and chefs, between them they know pretty much all there is to know about innovating, creating and perfecting new recipes.

The technologists focus on things like flavourings, manufacturing processes and meat technology, while our chefs use their trained pallets to add a dash of creative flair. In addition to reimagining the classics of home-grown as well as international cuisine, they follow market trends and process techniques to create exciting new products which they then try and test before guiding them through production to launch.

Our NPD team successfully collaborates with world-renowned brands like Tigerbrands, Amadori, Marel and Belfoods and has developed a range of chicken, pork and beef products for companies including Emsand, KFC and McDonald’s Worldwide.


Food that’s good for us is important. It gives us what we need to live our lives to the full. Just as important is producing that food in a way that’s also good for the planet.

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