Food Safety

As one of Ireland’s largest food manufacturers we are fully compliant with all leading customer specific codes of practice and policies.

Our business is based on building trust and supplying customers with food safe, high quality products across Ireland and the UK. Food safety and quality assurance are embedded within our operation and embraced by highly skilled teams within each department. Glenhaven maintains the B.R.C. Global Standard for Food Safety to demonstrate control over food safety activities and satisfy legal responsibility for products and consumer safety.


Our purpose-built production facilities ensure all products are manufactured in a controlled environment under strict conditions. To give you an idea of scale, our two 2 larger plants are approximately 32,646 sq feet and 35,370 sq feet in size.


We have made significant investment in premises, plant, and equipment over the years, and this remains a top ongoing priority for our business.


We recognise the importance of continuous investment in new product development, advances in technology and most important, our people.

Our Supply Chain

We promote continuous improvement in all areas of our supply chain from our key suppliers, manufacturing operations and downstream services. All our raw materials are sourced from assured, reputable suppliers from selected approved sources.


Within the supply chain we insist that strict product traceability be maintained, always verified and fully transparent. Product and process integrity are essential elements of our operation necessary to manage a reliable chain of custody and provide consumer confidence in how we do business.


Our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and service is a well-recognised strength within our company. Glenhaven is proud to hold the following international certifications:


  • SEDEX 

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